Zocaalo: Accessible app marketplace for elderly people.

Zocaalo is a European research project within the AAL (Active Assisted Living) programme framework which has a dual objective: Firstly, to create a marketplace where it is certified that the apps contained therein are easy to use for elderly people, and secondly, to give the developers of apps for elderly people an entity which they can refer to for style guides, recommendations, certifications, etc. that are available for these types of developments.

Ideable, as a leading European company in the development of technological platforms for elderly care, is taking part in this project together with Spanish, Swiss, Austrian and Italian entities.

ZocAALo’s http://zocaalo.eu objective, therefore, is the development and deployment of a platform that facilitates the construction and dissemination of applications that are accessible and easy to use for elderly people throughout Europe. This is carried out within the European Union strategy of improving the quality of life for elderly people, through the application of innovative solutions within the field of Information Technologies.

The project is part of the European Union AAL programme, Call 2014, and is co-financed by the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda (MINETAD) with reference number AAL-010000-2015-18.

“A way of making Europe”


PETAL is a European research project within the framework of the AAL (Active Assisted Living) programme. Its objective is to enable elderly people to live as long as possible in their own homes, by improving their autonomy and helping them to carry out their daily tasks. Specifically, it is aimed at patients with the first symptoms of dementia or Alzheimer’s through an intelligent platform that monitors the behaviour of users and remotely controls their lighting systems.

Ideable, as a leading European company in the development of technological platforms for elderly care, is taking part in this project together with Romanian, Swiss, Austrian and Italian entities.

In this new call, the AAL programme is managed by the Provincial Council of Bizkaia.

H2020 SME Instrument

Ideable has been supported, within the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument European programme during phase 1 for the analysis of Kwido Telecare, the evolution of its Kwido elderly care platform, that starts from elderly care particularly in nursing homes and day centres and moves to much more autonomous care outside of these centres, and is fully geared towards home care through several improvements:

  • Cognitive self-stimulation without psychologist or therapist intervention.
  • Reinforcement of health monitoring by patients or carers at home.
  • Teleconsultation module for doctor-patient relationship in their own home.
  • All of this is carried out in line with Kwido’s concern for accessibility in technology design so that elderly people themselves can play an active and leading role in the platform.


The FICHe (Future Internet Challenge eHealth) European programme had the objective of accelerating the SMEs and start-ups throughout Europe that develop innovative applications in the eHealth world, also applying FIWARE technology to this end.

Of the more than 300 European eHealth companies that took on the FICHe challenge with us, an External Independent Review Committee (EIRC) successively selected the 80 companies that would enter the first phase. We were then selected for the second phase as one of the 40 most competent proposals and, finally, after a pitch in Amsterdam before a top level European panel, Ideable was recognised as one of the 20 best European start-ups.  This has given Ideable an international presence in this field, which is translated both into its exposure to international customers and it being presented as a benchmark as regards the elderly and technology at national and international events. We have also organised our own events: AgingBilbao and eHealthbilbao.

AESSD (Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda)

The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism announced the “Digital Economy and Society Strategic Action Aid (AEESD)”, formerly AVANZA Plan, which is primarily intended for R&D projects in the following subject areas:

– Industries of the future

– Cybersecurity and digital trust

– ICT applications and solutions aimed at improving competitiveness of the SME

– Evolution of electronic administration

– Environmental management applications

– Applications and solutions related to digital content

In this regard, Ideable has received financing from this programme to implement Big Data systems that allow patterns to be identified during monitoring of patient health. Systems that are already being applied, for example, in customers of our Kwido elderly care platform.

Hazitek (Basque Government)

Ideable is an active player in various Hazitek (formerly Gaitek) projects, which are nearly always related to health and technology applied to the world of elderly people. Among the projects it is taking part in are accessibility in technology for elderly people, cognitive stimulation, promotion of a healthy life from mobile apps, patient training and treatment adherence, etc.

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