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Ideable will take part in AAL Forum 2019 in Denmark

Evento / 26.07.2019

Kwido and Ideable we are looking towards technological innovation in Europe again. In this occasion, the importante date will be September in Denmark, when we will participate in AAL Forum 2019. By celebrating this new AAL Forum, the European AAL Programme carries on promoting the business opportunities’ generation around Active and Assisted Living.  For this […]


Ideable presented zocaalo during the AAL Forum 2018

Blog, Evento / 27.09.2018

Last September, the international event AAL FORUM was held at the EUSKALDUNA CONFERENCE CENTRE in Bilbao from 24th to 26th and IDEABLE, TECNALIA, IHOMELAB and EXTHEX, some of the partners from zocaalo participated there. In fact, IDEABLE and EXTHEX participated in a workshop in the AAL Forum that was organized the 26th. In that workshop, both companies described the goals of the zocaalo platform and the main aspects of the certification process, as […]

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